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Silent track

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Hi People,

Somebody knows of a silent track of a few seconds to use in a playlist between the tracks?


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Hi @IB18

Here is a full playlist of silent tracks with different durations, chose what you want :)

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Hey there,


Just wondering what your thought process is in having "silence" between each track?

Wouldn't that negatively affect the playlist, because people want to have some kind of a flow when listening?




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I make use of the silent tracks to create breaks between songs for my POUND Fit classes.

I agree with you about a flow for listening but for my class setting the silent tracks are perfect.

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I've been using this 11 second short Silent Track which comes with its own avatar :)


Really useful in my playlists of UK chart hits year by year ( because when a track isn't available (even as unplayable) I use this as a placeholder to indicate there should be a track at that point in the playlist (they are arranged in order of when the track first entered the chart chronologically). That said, 11 seconds is probably a bit too long though as these playlists contain hundreds or even over a thousand tracks and that can also result in a few hundred instances of the silent track in one playlist (the ultimate goal being to eliminate all of these by having all 'hit' songs on the service).

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I've had a problem using these silent tracks: instead of hearing a silence I hear a fairly loud blast of white-noise. This is not the case when I listen through a Sonos speaker, but it is when I listen on my phone (through headphones) or on my laptop through the laptop's speakers.


This makes the silent tracks unuseable for me, because I listen through headphones a good bit of the time.


I would like to use very brief silent tracks (1 to 4 seconds) to introduce space between songs when the first song ends very abruptly, and I want there to be a slight pause before going into the next song.  



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i couldn't find this playlist so it wasn't helpful.  however i found an "album" by mike vargas called sometimes which has several silent tracks of varying length of time and an applause track for after you finish your workout!

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Try I Told U Once by Broken Heroes. Lots of silent tracks there of different lengths and no white noise.