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'Something went wrong. Try that again.' when pitching a new song in Spotify For Artists.

'Something went wrong. Try that again.' when pitching a new song in Spotify For Artists.


The Netherlands


MacBook Pro M1

Operating System

MacOS 14.1


My Question or Issue

When I press the 'Pitch a song' button in the Spotify for Artists upcoming music section, I see this screen: 


I tried logging in and out and tried performing this action on both Chrome and Safari, all resulting in the same error being shown. What can I do?

17 Replies

I have the exact same problem. It's a system error I guess

Me too

Yup same, been two days now

Same, experienced this earlier today on mobile and again just now trying it on my laptop.

same issue here, it's been 3 days, can we get a solution or someone from Spotify to address this?

Chatted with someone on Spotify for Artists yesterday - they said they were aware of it and working to fix it . . 


same issue here, this is gonna mess up my release date for upcoming Black Friday and not getting it on Release Radar... I wish Spotify would atleast notify us of the issue and give us updates... we are business trying to make money.


I am having the same issue; my last opp to submit was tonight. This will be gutting if I now have no chance to pitch music from the album before it arrives.  

Same with me pls help someone

having the same issue

experiencing the same problem and feeling pretty frustrated!

I'm also experiencing that issue. So frustrating 😞

I was able to submit a pitch this morning finally...


Me too, I was able to submit this morning, – very pleased this is up and running again.

I am currently experiencing this issue. I've tried different browsers, devices, etc. to no avail.

Same. Just tried to pitch an upcoming song several times and it failed, even after logging out, different browser, etc.

Hi same problem since 3 days... can't pitch even if I don't trust about this feature....

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