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Song names are censored, Even on the explicit version

Song names are censored, Even on the explicit version

I've noticed that even if I'm listening to the explicit version of a song the song's title remains censored, I checked in the albums' alternate versions drop down and in both versions the name is censored.


What's the point of an explicit version of a song if the name remains censored? is there a way to manually change the song name or something? I tried going to the suggest edit page but that page lets you suggest edits for everything EXCEPT the name.


The current example I've noticed is that the song "I want to **bleep**ing Break it" by static-x from the "start a war" album is called "I want to F****** Break it" and well, It looks quite ugly and stupid, particularly on applications where people can see what I'm listening to.


And spotify's "we don't edit songs" claim can't apply here as there is no actual version of this song on any CD version where the names are censored so spotify has to be doing this themselves.

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Hey @senrabnaneek

The availability of music on Spotify is up to the artist and their music label. Spotify uploads the music directly how it was sent to them. It does not censor song titles. (you can test this by searching Spotify for profanity) If the song title is censored, then the artist sent it to Spotify with both versions censored.

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