Song showed streams on editorial playlist in ‘Artists’ app, but not there

Song showed streams on editorial playlist in ‘Artists’ app, but not there

I checked my Artists app yesterday and saw a song of mine had 2 streams on the Spotify playlist ‘Rustig & Mooi’. I was really excited as would be my first editorial, but when I checked Spotify, it wasn’t on there. The same has happened for me with a few other playlist curators/ random playlists that appear to just be promoting a single artist’s music, so had assumed it was a kind of weird marketing tactic from them, but seeing one from the official Spotify team has now got me puzzled. Is this a glitch? Is it happening to other artists too? Would love to know a bit more as I’m currently pretty stumped!
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Hello! Welcome to our community! I will explain some reasons that may lead to a song being removed from an editorial playlist. Don't worry, I'm not saying you've committed any of the violations below, this explanation is just for you to know some of the reasons that lead to the removal of a song:


There are several reasons why artist songs may be removed from editorial playlists. The first and most obvious one is copyright infringement. This can include the unauthorized use of music, lyrics or images of other artists. If this happens, it is important for you to contact Spotify immediately to resolve the problem.

Another common reason is the lack of updating of artist information. If Spotify is unable to find the correct information about the artist, it may remove the music from the playlist. It is important to always keep your information updated on Spotify to avoid problems.


Additionally, Spotify has strict community policies. If Spotify detects inappropriate content or violations of these policies, it may remove the music from the playlist. It is important to read and understand these policies before sharing your music on Spotify.


Finally, one of the main reasons for songs being removed from editorial playlists is simply because Spotify is always looking to offer its users the best possible experience. If the song is not reaching audience expectations, it may be removed to make room for other more popular songs. So, it is important to always seek engagement with the audience and stay updated with music trends.


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