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Song unavailable and can't be found anywhere else

Song unavailable and can't be found anywhere else






Samsung s12

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Not sure if there's really an answer for this but I wanted to try digging some more on here and see if anything could come up.


First off there's a song I liked, Safe Space by slenderbodies, that recently went unavailable. The weird thing is, I can't find this song anywhere else. There is an actual group called slenderbodies and they have their own profile/music which is completely different from this song. Going to the artist profile with Safe Space it was just this one song with no artist info or anything.


It made me wonder if the song name/artist is even correct but I really have no idea, and since the song's unavailable I can't try using the audio to help search around for it. Trying to google it is pointless from what I've seen as the only place this song seems to appear is on spotify.


I was wanting to see if there's any way to get more info regarding the song from Spotify since it was one of my favorites and I don't want it to be lost forever.


Edit: Adding here I first came across this song about a year ago and started using spotify since I couldn't find the song anywhere else at that point either. I normally used google/youtube music due to some songs not being on spotify but I started using spotify since this was the only place I could find the song.

2 Replies

Hello, welcome to our community! In some cases, songs are scrapped at the request of the artist, label or label for various internal reasons. If you can't find the music anywhere else, the music was probably taken down at the request of the creators, in which case we can't help. Sorry I can't be of more help. A big hug and a great week!

I should have noted that I couldn't find it anywhere when I first found it on spotify too, as I didn't normally use spotify at that point, and this was about a year ago. It could possibly be due to it being taken down but it still seems strange. I'll add this into the initial post as well.

Thank you for your response!

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