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I have a song that I really love, the bosanksa artillery. But for some reason Spotify says it's unavailable. Can I please change it? I really love that song.

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Hello! This is a very interesting question. There are several reasons why some songs may not be available on Spotify. I'll try to explain in a complete and simple way:


Licensing restrictions: Spotify needs to obtain licenses to play songs on its platform, and sometimes copyright owners can restrict access to certain songs or albums. This can happen because record labels or artists want to limit the distribution of their music or because they are in negotiations with other platforms.


Geographic regions: Some artists or record labels may choose to restrict their music in certain geographic regions for a variety of reasons, such as contractual limitations or to better control the distribution of their music.


Licensing changes: Sometimes licenses to play certain songs can expire or change hands, which can affect the availability of a song on Spotify.


Limited availability of independent artists: Independent artists may have more control over how their music is distributed and may therefore choose not to make their music available on Spotify.

I hope I have clarified your doubts about why some songs are not available on Spotify. It is important to remember that Spotify's music catalog is always changing, and often new songs are added while others are removed.


man theirs a lot of those questions going around

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