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Songs Unavailable

I was browsing through old songs on another platform and came across « Oh Well » by Fleetwood Mac. The song is divided into two parts, part 1 being a fast based blues song. Part 2 is a more orchestral type of instrumental-driven song. I wanted to add the two part song to a playlist Spotify but it wasn’t existent on the platform. After looking more into it, the song is in fact on Spotify, but blacklisted as unavailable along with several other songs from Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. Why is that so? Also, is there any possibility of it being available to listen?

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1) Try Restarting Spotify

2) Look for another playlist contatining that song and try to add it from there.

3) Try Searching that song or its album/artist in the search bar and try to add it from there.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi, @Adam-simard!


It seems to be either that these songs may not be available in your region due to zoning and/or licensing or that you have an explicit content filter turned on. If possible could you check your Spotify settings and ensure that you are not filtering explicit content?




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Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately, it is not a question of the song being explicit content. My account doesn’t block this type of content.


My problem might be however a zoning/region issue. I’m in Québec, Canada and I’m not able to play those multiple songs. I can’t confirm if it is the answer to my problem or not simply because I can’t change region to try it out. However, if you wish to help me, try playing the song yourself and letting me know if it works for you or not and form which region you are. Here’s the link to one of the song I cannot play:




Thanks for the suggestions but they did were unfortunately not succesful in resolving my issue. I appreciate the help though

Hi, @Adam-simard!


I do find it interesting that the songs are not available for you. I have checked under my own account in the US and they also seem to not be available. It could be related to a licensing issue between Spotify and Fleetwood Mac's distributor. 



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I've been looking for these tracks, along with Dragonfly and others from this album today (I'm located in Germany) and they are unavailable on all the platforms supported by my HEOS streamer - Tidal, Deezer, Spotify and Amazon. However, they are available on Yandex Music. Sadly, a lot of my Laps and CDs that I've had to leave at home in Russia are unavailable on streaming platforms. So it appears if you love some piece of music and do not want it to be 'switched off' for you, you better get it the good old way, on hard media.

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