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Songs availability

Ok so a few days ago I learned that some songs from my favorite band weren't available in my country (Canada). Although I find this pretty unfair because those songs are available in the USA and I pay as much as people living there for my premium account so why can't I access the same songs as them?

(Albums I want if it helps : Hail the apocalypse and Black Waltz both by Avatar). Please don't answer me by saying something about the artist, for example, : The artist didn't want the albums available in your country. I'm certain they don't even understand why I can't access their music. 

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@JeremyAubut Hi there,


I can certainly understand your disappointment, there are a handful of albums not available in my country (Australia) that I love. 


There are ways to request that music be added, as well as temporary ways to have that music available in your library. Here's what you can do:


Hope that helps!

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