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Songs suddenly becoming unavailable

Songs suddenly becoming unavailable

I was listening to the Pearl Jam album Lightning Bolt, which has always worked and even worked this morning, and then I disconnected from wifi and all but two songs were unavailable. I cannot retrieve access to the songs. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting wifi, reinstalling the app, signing in and out. The weird part is that it stopped working on my iPhone, and then worked on my iPad for an additional 2 hours and now it's unavailable there too. It's disappeared literally right before my eyes. It also says it's available when I google it. I would love some help because this is a recurring problem and reslly annoying. I can't imagine why they would make the album unavailable after 3 years.
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This is totally unprofessional and frustrating. I was in a car listening spotify through bluetooth. Then, suddenly, i connected to some turkish guy and his music starts to play. I come home, start my computer and it still plays his music. I disconnect every device in my profile. My playlists gone, my music gone. I restore it through the profile page. Still alot is gone. And NOW THIS: many songs are unavailable.

Hello I am from Mexico and for the moment my country can not hear the song but we do not know what is happening.



The album we're looking for is backspacer (, i not even missing every song...(see picture) Also, i'm from belgium if that's any helpUntitled.png

that post got a bit mested up sorry, i meant to say: the album were looking for is backspacer, i'm missing a bunch of song on my phone (android), and even more on my pc.


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