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Spooky Spotify ads with no content

Spooky Spotify ads with no content

Sometimes I get "ads" that are completely silent and when I try to play something, Spotify displays a message at the top saying "The track will play after the ad" but there's no ad playing (just silence). I need to use the task manager on Windows 7 to force Spotify to close. This happens randomly several times a week and has been going on for years. Most of the time I get ads with both sound and images, but sometimes I get "ads" that have no content at all (no sound, no images) and there seems to be no way to get rid of them, without having to force the program to close.

Are Spotify aware of these problems?

2 Replies

Are you a premium user? Are you using the official version of our application?

Standard user. Using Spotify (official) on Windows 7, latest version (Spotify updated itself last week). Has been happening randomly over several years. As I've said, most of the time I get normal ads, but sometimes I get empty 'ads'.

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