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Spotify Daily Chart Updates

Spotify Daily Chart Updates

Hey all, I was wondering when the Spotify Daily Chart section updates. It's 3/18 in the US, yet the latest chart is from 3/16. Anybody know what's going on there?

Also, while I'm at it, when do Spotify artist popularity values update? I'm having fun looking into it, but there's little information on it.


Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I didn't see a better one to post it in.

2 Replies

Hello @arandommonday ,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


The daily charts are updated every day, try refreshing the page, clear cookies and go back on maybe that'll work.


And here's an article that will give you all the information you need on an artist's popularity!


Reach out if you need anything!


I’ve tried that too but it didn’t work on mobile.
Please help 

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