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Spotify Metadata Feedback not recognizing my links

Spotify Metadata Feedback not recognizing my links



I'm trying to report an incorrectly assigned Artist for one of my tracks but when I use [Moderator Edit] it is is giving me an error 'Invalid input, please paste one or more album links separated by commas.' AND 'Invalid input, please paste one artist link.' I've checked the links and I'm pretty sure they are correct, as I'm copied them from the app. Can you help? 


This is the album that is under the wrong artist


It should be under my artist alias here.




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I have the same problem for my EP. It says my album link is invalid. My EP is listed under some rap artist by the same name as me and now I can't create my own Spotify Artist account. Can you please help?

Do Spotify staff actually read any of this? I have reported it ages ago but no action has been taken since.. 

I've went on Spotify support and wrote them about the miss leading artist. The wrote back by saying they informed the Spotify creators and the problem should be fixed in the meantime. I'll tell you if this works.

ok thank you for updating me. 

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