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Spotify cannot play music on Alexa Group of Speakers

Spotify cannot play music on Alexa Group of Speakers

Hi there, 


I am not able to listen Spotify on a Alexa Group of speakers. Practically, spotify plays regularly and properly the music on just one Amazon Alexa but as soon as I select the Group of speakers Spotify stops and the song cannot be forwarded, volumes cannot be modified. As soon as I switch to just one speaker Spotify revives. 


Please see the video attached to better understand the issue.

Unfortunately, this issue has been in place since weeks, before I was able to solve the situation by turning off one of the speakers and waiting a couple of minutes. Now this "workaround" is not functioning anymore. 


Having so many speakers at your disposal but not being able to use them is VERY frustrating. 


Any solution?

Don't tell me to regroup the speakers because it is not an Amazon issue. It's a Spotify one.... Through Amazon music is working everything properly. Do you want that Spotify loyal customers switch on Amazon Music?! I guess not... 🤗


Thank you

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