Spotify is a ghost!

Spotify is a ghost!


So, basically I have a samsung s8+ and spotify always glitches out... Always... I would be listening to music and I would go to pause the song, but nothing is there. It's like spotify is a ghost and it's just playing in the background. Like the spotify tab the I would normally see when I swipe from the top isn't there. And my functions for skipping tracks doesn't work. But the worst thing is that when I would disconnect my pixelbuds, the music would just start blasting on my phone speakers and It wont let me hit pause while my phone is locked. It makes no sense. And the only way for me to fix it is close the app (if im lucky) or sometimes reset my phone. 

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Usually when there are unique issues with a phone application, the best steps to try are:

1. Clear the cache (you can find this in application settings)

2. Test the issue with other music apps and see if the problem is due to Spotify or your device

3. Uninstall and reinstall




I remember that happened to me too. That spotify plays and stop to me it was like buffering on a desktop. maybe check your internet connection and if its slow.  Connect to     a faster one.

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