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With all due respect, Spotify...I regret to inform you that your software is absolutely atrocious.

Where do I even start?!  I would run out of characters if I listed every little problem with your software/service (iPhone app, pc software, AND website).  

Don't we all just love that annoying little message "Restart to reinstall the latest version of Spotify"?! you restart, hoping that the new version will actually be worth a darn, to no avail. Every. Single. Time. There are literally SO many problems with your software that you  need to do a COMPLETE OVERHAUL of Spotify. We all know you have the capital now. I understand that you guys can't possibly get EVERY little thing right and perfect for every single person out here, but come ON!!! We pay you. Where did all the money go?! Wow, I am just so disappointed in Spotify right now...something that COULD be really great is just a big steaming pile of sh!t.  Reminds me so much of Zune...I didn't even WANT to switch to Spotify, but Microsoft totally F'd over all their loyal zune subscribers!!  I have been contemplating making this post for ages but figured I'd give you guys the "benefit of the doubt" but nothing has changed for the better. I'm getting tired of having to re-build my entire music library from scratch each time a company screws me over.  PLEASE, do us all a huge favor and clean up your act so we all don't have to go through the painstaking process of switching to a new service yet AGAIN...You see, music is an incredibly important part of my life (and many other people's too!), and when something comes in between us, it's just not good for anyone. Trust me, I really wanted to love you, and I have tried so hard!  And I'm willing to try just a little longer, which is probably bat sh!t crazy.  Thanks for reading, and here's to hoping you give a darn about the folks who stuff your pockets full of cash.  Please take this as constructive criticism, and save all our @ss3s before it's too late!  

3 Replies

Hello @RamboBoBambo and welcome to the community,


Please, could you give more details about what create problems for you?


Note : for your information, I use Spotify as premium member since 2009 and I can honestly tell you that, except a few little details, I have always been satisfied with the service.

SoundofusSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I COULD give more details, but that would literally take me all day long. Spotify simply needs to be destroyed and reconstructed from the ground up. If anyone out there feels the same, please help!! We are given a voice here, so let's use it to spark positive change.





For this to actually be constructive criticism, can you at least list the top three issues you are having? Makes it rightly difficult to narrow down what issues you might have and what could be a solution to something when this post is just non-specific. The devs see and make lists of known issues from this community on each and every Spotify app version, and they write fixes, the devs even write fixes for user specific machine setups or devices being used. Just takes some time to recreate the issue, and figure out and trouble shoot the issue to begin the process of writing a fix.


Also can you list what devices, and OS you are using, and what Spotify app versions, so a community member can move this thread to the correct place on the community? This area of the community is for music Content Questions, and not for user issues with the Spotify apps in general.

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