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Very poor quality audio from a song(mixtape) by some user

Very poor quality audio from a song(mixtape) by some user

Good afternoon,

I was listening to the ‪#‎DiscoverWeekly‬ playlist, when I bumped into this mixtape:



This audio is a mixture of good and very poor audio quality songs, seemingly being uploaded from one user that creates this kind of content (mixtapes).

I don't want to make further assumptions about the source of the scarce-quality songs, but I am wondering: how is it possible that some user uploads such contents without getting some quality controls?

This results in a bad experience within the Spotify platform, where I personally expect to find good quality audio and content.


Looking forward to hearing from your answers and opinions.




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I did find this about using sampled recorded music by other artists which tends to end up in mixtapes to, but as I am not a media lawyer you would be best to find a few other legal sources to verify everything here, and follow each and every Country with it's own copyright laws, including any copyright laws supported and pushed for by the E.U.:


So is any of the mixtape content in question here violating copyright or just bad sound quality? If you think or suspect this mixtape person is violating music copyright, you might notify the original artists, they would be sure to have their representatives dig into this if there is a copyright question here. But since the content is uploaded through an aggregate media service to make the mixtape content available to the Spotify service, I would suspect all legal broadcast rights are being paid before hand anyway. So unless this mixtape person is noticeable lifting another artist's full beat lines or using sample music that has rather obviously been lifted from original sources without the right kind of permission for use in mixtapes, there might not much that can be done, but like I said copyright laws are so complicated to understand, and the ins and outs of when artist recorded content can and cannot be used in certain aspects.

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