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Spotify replacing established artists with no-name artists.

Spotify replacing established artists with no-name artists.

My Question or Issue

What I see with Spotify is a pattern of well established bands/artists who are no longer active but have a large catalog of music getting "swapped" with no-name artists.  If you have "loved" the artist for the actual band/act that matters, spotify will push this new unknown artist into your generated content. 


This is why one of the reasons why spotify is garbage.  It's clear that this platform is more about pushing it's own sanctioned artists than giving user's control over their listening experience and making that enjoyable. 









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Hey how's it going? I hope all is well with you 🤗. Spotify, in addition to being an audio platform, is also an experience environment, so the algorithms indicate new artists based on what the user already listens to, precisely to help find new artists and further expand the experience in this sense, of getting to know new things. When you're listening to your favorite artists, and all of a sudden you get a suggestion for a new artist, if you give yourself the chance to listen, it can sometimes be a very interesting experience. But, if you still don't feel like listening to new things, just ignore the application's suggestion. Well, I hope I explained it well and I wish you a great Spotify experience. A strong and good week to you! 😉

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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

It's not a suggestion for a new artist I'm talking about.  It's spotify allowing no-name artists that have duplicate names of well established artists to push out tracks to people who are obviously only interested in the well established artist, not the nobody artist that spotify has allowed to hijack the real artist's name.


This equates to a bad experience and if I was a spotify employee I would recognize it and work to make sure customers could turn this off.

Spotify: "Oh you like Pink Floyd?, well how about this nobody RAPPER named Pink Floyd?"

Customers: "What?"

Spotify: "Oh! you played 15 seconds of the RAPPER Pink Floyd?  How about all these other nobody rappers?"

Customers: "Please stop"

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