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Still no video streaming for JRE on PS4?

Still no video streaming for JRE on PS4?

I will start by saying that I thoroughly enjoy Spotify, but I get more irritated with the company as each week goes by that I can not simply pop on the JRE podcast on my PS4 to take in the whole experience. I either have to view it through my phone, or meticulously connect my laptop to stream video to my TV. If you can stream video on almost everything, why not the PlayStation platform? What the eff, guys? Why is it sooo difficult for you guys to make this happen? I know for a fact that I am not the only one complaining about this. I know, it’s annoying, your customers bitching to you about this - I get it, we suck sometimes; however, I pay for this service, and feel like I am being cheated. If you can’t make it happen, please give me a good reason so I can spread the word for you guys. People are starting to get outraged. I am one of them. 

Thank you for your time, and consideration in reading this. 

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Hey @Drewzik,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


We appreciate your feedback and will make sure that it's taken into consideration when moving forward.  It seems also that other users also requested this to be changed and posted this idea.  We recommend that you +VOTE it to show your support. We'll share any updates on the matter there, as soon as there are any, so it's worthwhile that you also subscribe.


Hope this helps. The Community is here, should you have any questions.

Mihail Moderator
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Why is this even being taken to a vote? Again - how can it be that the video streaming available to everything BUT the gamer platforms. This is absolute B.S.. Aren’t PlayStation and Xbox consoles just computers? Spotify is acting like it is an impossible feat to make this happen for these two platforms. I could see maybe reserving the streaming for premium users, but even then, that is shady. Everything about this is shady.

Also, while I am here, if I am in a place with no signal, it’s almost impossible to use anything I have downloaded, rendering Spotify useless unless I have a decent signal. This is understandable to a degree; however, the fact that I can’t even access songs I have downloaded, which is the POINT of downloading from Spotify, is another very aggravating and disappointing feature of this app/service. You guys are slipping, FAST. I am not sure if you are getting too big too quickly, but it is very obvious you are losing your hold on customer service. This is strike two (if you even care), and I will be cancelling my premium subscription if one of these two major issues are not resolved. Don’t even think about relying to this if you are going to copy and paste your response again. Like I said, this is strike two. Unless I can tell there was a little bit of thought and effort put into my reply (I’m not looking for special treatment, just seeing if you give a damn), please, don’t. That will be strike three.

Thanks again,


Hi @Drewzik,


Thank you for your reply and feedback.


We understand that things can feel frustrating when things don't work as you'd like them to. Rest assured that we're always trying to improve as we always strive to be better as we constantly aiming to improve our features.


We suggest that you head over to the idea that's been provided in the reply above and leave a +VOTE to support the idea and Subscribe to the thread for any updates regarding this.


If you'd like to you can also read more about how the feedback from ideas reach Spotify here.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

I agree wholeheartedly, this is reducilous. What am I paying premium for?

I have a smart TV and it’s the same **bleep**.

I agree, this is completely unacceptable. You guys claim to have started a VOTE+ over a year ago, and have made no effort since then to make a change. **bleep**, when I try to make a “vote” after I’ve logged in, the button does not allow me to click it. It’s stuck at 259 votes🙃. I’m now asking the portion of the Spotify team that works with Joe Rogan’s content to please make a damn effort to get video streaming on ps4 and smart tv’s. I pay premium for a reason and I’m not looking to peel my eyes to watch Rogan on my phone screen for 3+ hours. And don’t ask me to go vote on VOTE+. This response to you guys is my “vote”. The only thing I want from you is a response telling me you’ve started the process of bringing video to consoles and smart tv’s.

Yup this is pretty weird... My phone can but my console that i use as media center cant? 

Still nothing has been done. **bleep** you spotify for ruining my favorite show for me. It’s been years now. I’m sick and tired of**bleep**. Use some **bleep**ing common sense! 

STILL not able to. It’s pretty pathetic. Go vote is the response. Laughable.

still waiting! we’re all being cut short

yeah Spotify come on both points very valid the app should work the same on everything and if I’m paying to downloading a song it should be actually downloaded to my phone and accessible at all times **bleep** a vote just sort it out

2023 and still not working for me. I actually cancelled my premium.

Real sh**ty move from a so big business like you. Only pre-made copy/paste corporate answers, it's pathetic to say the least.
What about if Rogan and all his supporters leave you at once ? Would be a big blow for you.
I only see this as deliberate, can't see how this could be otherwise. 
Please fix this, i'm litteraly boiling inside every time i try to if it's been fixed.

Pretty insane there is still no video streaming on console, this has been an issue for years and is so annoying. It seriously cannot be that hard to add a simple video.

Its been a year and i just had a conversation With someone over email at spotify and they just said the same thing. Figure this out

Spotify is absolutely PATHETIC. At so many things. Total**bleep**. Still nothing

Says implemented but still doesn’t work for PS4. Nice

Its not available on anything besides pc and mobile, you cant view it on
any spotify console version or smart tv--

Works on ps5! Cheked last month. Dont know about the rest.

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