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Stop Promoting Drug Dealers

Stop Promoting Drug Dealers



Not only does this break your rules, you're literally promoting it.


Just looking at the lead single off this album ("Million Dollars Worth of Game"), we have lyrics such as...


"I sold green, sold white... I got bricks"

About selling weed & coke/crack/heroin


"Back on my pivot, kitchen water whippin' (whippin')"

"Water whippin'" is a reference to making crack...


"All these turkeys bags, they thought it was Thanksgiving"

Dealers keep their weed in turkey bags to block the smell.


"Aftermarket extendo, I pray it don't jam"

"Extendos" are extended magazines for guns... that he obviously didn't get legally


Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 7.10.37 PM.png

There are thousands of examples of this kind of rule breaking that is totally fine with Spotify. It would be great if they offered to explain why they allow some people to break rules that are supposedly designed to "ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience".


BTW: I noticed that YG song instructing people how to rob Chinese people is still up and getting plays. So safe!

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If it doesn't fit the narrative, then the rules apply. Haven't you heard, the news? The Bidenabler administration is supposed to give out free crack pipes.

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If they removed this, they'd have to remove like 85% of rap songs and about 60% of rock songs / spanish songs etc. If you don't like the song's contents, don't listen to it. If you don't like how that music sells well, make music that sells well without mentioning that stuff, to the same hard beats. People have done it, But their career doesn't last long.

@voicedgamer wrote: If they removed this, they'd have to remove like 85% of rap songs...

It's so bizarre when people do this.. simultaneously getting AND missing the point. (though, there's a good chance you didn't read beyond the headline...)


Yes, you're right.. they would have to remove a large portion of their hip-hop catalogue... if they followed their new rules.


The entire point was to demonstrate that they DON'T follow their own rules. How did you miss that part of the argument? Seeing as you missed the central point of the argument, I'm guessing you didn't pick up on the rest of the implications either. They aren't actually "rules"... it's a framework that allows them to pick and choose who to censor based on which group is making the most noise. 


@voicedgamer wrote: ...and about 60% of rock songs / spanish songs etc....

Not really on-topic, but... this is just wrong. 60% of rock music isn't about dealing drugs. I don't speak Spanish, so maybe those are but I kinda doubt it. Not even 60% of rap tracks are about dealing drugs, but a large portion of them are... easily the largest portion of any genre.



@voicedgamer wrote: If you don't like the song's contents, don't listen to it. If you don't like how that music sells well

Again, not the point. Am I the only one noticing a pattern here? But seeing as you brought it up: think about what a genre that's effectively just bragging selling well says about the people buying it. 

what the **bleep**


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