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Stop cuting out the “bad” words in Explicit content!

Stop cuting out the “bad” words in Explicit content!

I’m very very sad and mad about this, I have listen to five finger death punch for years on Spotify and I have noticed that the Explicit tag has shown up on most of their songs, that is all good but why are you removing the “bad” words!? You ruined their songs, I love their first album but I can’t listen to it with out “I’m sick and tired of the hole .... world” (it sounds terrible) I’m super upset by this and I don’t see why, you got a setting for not playing Explict content so why ruin the song for those who want to listen to the Explicit marked song? Plz fix it.

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Hi @19xvc_0-53clq,


if you want, you can vote  here for the idea to have an explicit button (that way you could choose to hear all or nothing at all of explicit songs).

In the Spotify Staff Update beneath this idea you can read more about tests running on this idea.


Good luck and have a nice day

     I know some artist's albums will have a copy of the album that blocks "explicit content" and the original album that has no changes made.  

    I hope this helps! So sorry for your inconvenience, and thanks for bringing this to the Community's attention!  

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