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Stop with the wokeness already

Stop with the wokeness already

Here's an idea, why don't you stop forcing your woke ideology on your subscribers. 


Sick and tired of seeing woke content being rammed down my throat by the woke elite, Harry and Meghan, Michelle and Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen and so on and so on. 


Your podcast content makes me want to switch to a different platform all together. 


I want to listen to music, I don't want any political ideology pushed on me. 


You should really be ashamed of yourselves. 




Premium user. 





15 Replies

**bleep** Yes, please stop with the woke ads. They are not getting me to like these people anymore, especially when what they are presenting is factually false. They sound like they are in a cult.

You could just ignore the podcasts that don't fit your interests no?

That is really not the point, I choose to ignore alot of things in daily life - Spotify on the other hand is where I come to escape from life's shenanigans and listen to some music. I don't expect to be constantly bombarded with this Woke nonsense here too. Is there a way to disable Podcasts completely? 

Y'all that don't like the woke nonsense might want to check out podcast like these, if you want to listen to any podcasts, at all. I watch these guys on YouTube.


These episodes are very long. His videos are way shorter.


His are about the same as his videos, which are shorter, too.


I have a playlist that is partially about the left, though it also about the pandemic and it being an election year. If any of y'all are interested, just check my public playlists. It's toward the top. I also a have a special "meme" version of it. If you want to follow and listen to that one, send a private message to me. It's not public.

Follow me

Lately Spotify is doing a great job of reminding me to enjoy my record collection.

Totally fed up with hearing Harry and Meghan on their whine-athons. Over-privileged and whining, what a distasteful pair. And their hypocrisy really takes the biscuit, preaching about saving water from their house with 16 bathrooms, preaching about saving the planet whilst traveling on private jet. Get on yer bikes mate!  

I agree with you so much, Does anyone in Spotify hear us?????

Agreed. I don't wanna see this type of content on my home feed, as if I or anyone would listen to music because of gender thing.



Ah yes the "woke" crowd of... two royals, a multi-millionaire and a right-wing politician. What 'ideology' are you actually talking about?

Yes, agreed.


Who wants musical recommendations based on the sexual preference of the artist over charachteristics of the music itself? Who needs spotifys recommendations on what to talk about at over your dinner table (eg. Race, gender, ad nausem)?


I'm cancelling my paid subscription and looking into a less ideologically-captured service. I refuse to support this nonsense any further. 


Get woke, go broke. 

It's 2022 and nothing has been said on this, or any thread by anybody associated with spotify. I don't care about "black icons" placed into homogenised playlists - i care about good music from good artists. This is becoming a bigger issue as time goes on and clearly spotify has very globalist blackrock/vanguard type investors if they're pushing this sh!t on us... 

I am curious how woke this company is - I'd like to get a family subscription, but not if this company pushes artists/content that I am not interested in.  

It's woke beyond belief. I wouldn't bother with the family subscription.

I will be cancelling mine soon.

I unsubbed after they sent an e-mail recommending a playlist literally called 'Woke.' This was only the final straw, though.

2024 hit us already and still no option to hide or mute these playlists to ever showing in your profile forever. If that's not intentional I don't know what this is. Just so this company knows, it's having the opposite effect, the more you show, the less I want to see.

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