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Suspicious Playlist

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I had a song added to a playlist called 'House Music' by the profile '' without my consent. Researching a bit I found the playlist to be somewhat suspicious, according to the site "" this profile charges to have music added to their playlists, but I did not pay to have my music added to any of their playlists. I wonder how to proceed in this case, cause I don't want to have my artist profile related to any playlists that use bots or something like that.

Thank you all 🙂


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Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out.


Our Artist Support team are the best folks to help out with this. You can reach out to them here. If you've already reached out to them, there's nothing more you need to do. They'll get back to you soon with a reply and you can keep in touch with them for further assistance or if you have further questions about this matter.


We'll be right here in case you need anything else.


Cheers 🙂

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Hello dear Spotify-Team! 

The same happened to me: a song of mine got added to a suspicious playlist, and when researching the playlist curator (, I found out that they seem to have a service for paying clicks..

I hope that these seemingly fake streems do not have an impact on my music! I don't know if they could be legit, they seem to have a lot of likes on their playlists..

Have a nice day!


But their website seems like they might bot streams and likes..









It happened to me three times this month. The first two times I reported the spike in streams to Spotify and let them know about the playlists (again) Yesterday, I just reported the playlist. They just removed the Title and Description. This company has dozens of dummy accounts so they can keep going if one of them is shut down.

How they operate is that they route Spotify through a 3rd party app and they will reward people who follow and stream your song with points to get free gift cards and stuff like that. Technically it’s not bots (which is debateable) but they break TOS because they make money from selling streams while screwing up your data by adding your songs to their playlists without your consent. It employs AI but there are actual people behind it because it didn’t create itself and somebody is getting paid. I’ve had my own playlists removed from public access for reasons I don’t completely understand and I see they are removing tracks from small artists who they accuse of artificial streaming, but for some reason these people can still operate without any consequences save for those who are unfortunate enough to be added to their playlists.

Thanks for this it's really useful. I'm sure my algorithm is ruined by
these people.

Do you have a link to the app out of interest? Curious about investigating
this more.

One thing I regularly do is monitor our regular listeners in lastfm. You
can tell the fake ones from the real ones because the fakers listen 24/7 to
all sorts of random **bleep** and no established bands.

LATEST UPDATE! Artistr changed their name to RepostNG and they’re up the same stuff. I think I’m going to report their profile and all of it’s clones!

I found this video, and it turns out that all of these scam companies, artistr, RepostNG, and he mentioned some others too which are run by one guy. One thing’s for sure if any of my music gets added again I will go through every single one of their profiles duplicates and what not and report EVERY one of them. Now I’m gonna have to message Artist support again to let them know about it so I don’t get my tracks pulled for bot streaming

For real though, why isn't there any solution by now.
I was also added, I contacted Spotify for Artist Support, they removed it.
Now after 2 weeks I got added in again.


It is incredibly unfair that some of here even got strikes for it, what the blopidibap?


Isn't there any Moderator or just someone with a high position to tell us this is worked on?


Like we're just trying to do music, I don't want such a scam service to even show up on my Spotify page.


I tell you if I ever get a strike, I'll do anything to put this to an end.
Trust me, I will.


If you do take us further keep us posted!

This happened to me yesterday!




I’ve been digging through pages of the internet and all I see as a result is independent artists having to deal with consequences they didn’t consent to! Is it that hard to ban Artister from Spotify?! Hmm let’s do the math? Thousands of artists not consenting to be added to a bot playlist getting flagged and punished for something they DID NOT CONSENT TO?! Or taking immediate action and banning the playlister?!?! Is that so difficult?!

I saw an interesting theory someone posted that maybe Spotify owns artister
and the other playlist that does the rounds.

It might explain why they don't just ban them and pull them down. They are
good money pits for them.

It must be because apparently Spotify wants thousands of independent artists to pay the consequences as opposed to the actual fraudulent playlisters, they know which curators are repeat offenders but do nothing about it, just punish the artists who have never consented to any of it


Hi,  I had the same thing only SPOTIFY removed my song because of that.   I did not authorize or pay anything to them.  (ARTISTER  and REPOST).   Maybe their algorithm liked my song but not sure why my song was picked.  Not my fault, yet got punished big time.  There has to be a way for artists that realize they are getting artificial streams to stop this by blocking that playlist and removing the song or better yet,  have playlists ask the artist to be added to their playist.  They have all the rights to your song and you have none.   







I have reported these botty playlists to Spotify three times; it doesn't make any difference as I had my track removed. Spotify and Distrokid will not discuss the matter. I am now changing music distributors. 

Dear Spotify

Pls help med remove this playlist or my songs from it  (Daily top hits) that has added my song without me asking for it. Playlist is driven by bots. 



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