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Taiwan Indie Pick list is offensive, please fix this ASAP

Taiwan Indie Pick list is offensive, please fix this ASAP

Hi Spotify,


Taiwan Indie Pick list (spotify:user:spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1DX670mqw6YyS4)

has several China's band songs, which is totally not matching the list name. Such as




and so on.


Consider the history and the international political controversy, the fact that this list has certain songs from China could seriously offend Taiwanese people. For example, you don't  wanna put North Korea's song in South Korea Pick list. (However in the near future this could happen soon)


Despite the political issue, even we consider "Taiwan" as a geographical term in this list title, placing those China's band songs in this list are still inaccurate and misleading to reflect the naming of this list. Because Taiwan is an island, not geographically attached to any other country or reigon.


Moreover, using the same language in these songs does not justify this error as well. For example, you can't put Ozzy Osbourne's song in a "US" metal pick based on they are all english song.


Neither politics, nor geographical aspects can sufficiently justify this misplacement of these China songs in a so-called "Taiwan" Indie Pick list. Please Fix this ASAP.

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Rest assured, Spotify’s internal review process on ‘offensive content’ constantly seeks to remove illegal/offensive content.

Spotify has some info about this here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

After submitting report thru contact form channel. Spotify still has not answered me. Now this list even gets bigger with extra songs from China.



it's been almost 2 months


nobody replys me


is Spotify pressured by China?

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