Tango Gardel like Di Sarli

Tango Gardel like Di Sarli

In the list of songs of "Carlos Di Sarli" most of the music that appears is actually of "Carlos Gardel".

Could they make the distinction between the musician from Bahía Blanca and the Criollo Zorzal? 🙂

Thank you.

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Is this issue happening at one of the artist pages with the top songs listed on artist pages, or is the issue with some other location on the Spotify apps? Also is the same issue happening with all Spotify apps?


If this is an issues of mixed up albums and songs on the same artist page, but if more than one artist is on the same artist page, users have been asked to look over this community post thread here: for instructions in providing the necessary information for a fix.


If the song mix up is within the Spotify apps somewhere else, can you provide a screen shot of the issue?

In the list of the music of Carlos Di Sarli appear 55 discs that actually belong to Carlos Gardel. All of Gardel's albums that appear among Carlos Di Sarli's music list are just the ones that appear with a white cover with a dancer dressed in red wearing a hat.

I leave some captures of the discs of Gardel that appear in the list of music of Di Sarli:

Captura de pantalla 2017-01-24 a la(s) 23.43.16.png
Captura de pantalla 2017-01-24 a la(s) 23.43.49.png
Captura de pantalla 2017-01-24 a la(s) 23.44.02.png





Sorry for the late reply, I went through both artist pages and could not see any mixing issues, but boy both artists have a bunch of releases. Anyway I am using a US account, so maybe the content mix up is region specific? If you could provide the Album links in a new post, I can then pass this information along for a Spotify mod to send to the correct content teams to look into. Users are restricted based on listening locations when viewing content, so I do not have the ability to see what you currently are viewing.

FYI I have just come across the same problem on iTunes and then, through Googling, to this post.

Carlos di Sarli did not record Golondrinas. I wondered if there was a collaboration between di Sarli and Gardel, but no, this is incorrect artist/album/track designation. 

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