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The Daily Mix algorithm is messed up

The Daily Mix algorithm is messed up

Lately some of my daily mixes have been weird.

For the past week, one of my daily mixes has been a jumble of unrelated songs in drastically different genres that makes no sense and sucks. It's 1/3 Bloodywood (Hindi death metal), 1/3 Steven Universe soundtrack and 1/3 (Tom Cardy) Australian Comedy. I listened to Bloodywood once 5 months ago, Steven universe fairly often, but like 2 years ago and Tom Cardy once 3 days ago. 😕

Additonally to the first point, I played a playlist of an era two weeks ago once and its been a daily mix since then even though I only listened to it once, while Hip hop playlists I've been listening to for the past three months on repeat in an attempt to get one of my daily mixes to be hip hop is totally ignored.
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Hey @KittyCatCrunchie,


Thanks for reaching out.


Can you please confirm you haven't been using Private Session while listening to favorite tracks? Note that anything you play while this feature is enabled won't be considered in your personalized playlist. 


Also, if you're using multiple devices, please make sure you're not logged in a second account registered under a different email address (or with your Facebook/Google account).


Keep us posted.

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I never use private session and am logged in on the same account on every device. I can confirm that it's still doing the weird playlists as the Australian Comedy daily mix was replaced with a broadway musical mix for no apparent reason. It is a more welcome mix but still not what I've been listening to.

Hi there @KittyCatCrunchie,


Thanks for the reply.


I'd suggest you log out everywhere and back in twice in a row. This might sound a bit strange, but it will force sync your account with the servers. You can also, follow a couple of new artists you enjoy in order to mix up the algorithm a bit and listen to some music via the search option, rather than Daily Mix/ Discover Weekly or Release Radar, as those playlists don't influence your recommendations.


Let us know if your Daily Mixes start having regular recommendations in them after a few days.


Keep us posted on how you get on.

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I know this is an old post but I just had to comment that I find it hilarious I landed here after searching about this same issue without mentioning Tom Cardy in my search. 


One of my daily mixes has been stuck pairing Tom Cardy at the top of the list immediately followed by Nine inch nails. It's driving me nuts!

Getting this on daily mixes and artist radios. ie PearlJam radio suddenly including old classic rock like Jimi Hendrix and the doors.  Really frustrating and the only thing you can do is open the app on mobile to hide the song... which is kinda hard when riding a motorcycle...Whats happened to the algorithm to stuff this up? 

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