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The Mars Volta incomplete


The Mars Volta incomplete

The three first albums all have songs missing now. What happened?


Missing songs:


Deloused in the Comatorium:

- Cicatriz Esp


Frances the Mute:

- Cygnus... Vismud Cygnus

- L'Via L'Viaquez

- Miranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore



- Tetragrammaton

- Meccamputechture

- Day Of The Baphomets


Accepted Solutions
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The missing tracks are back again for me as well.

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5 Replies

Greyed out songs mean that there are legal issues presenting them in your country or legal issues by record label of putting some songs on apps.

hope i helped

I am missing the exact same songs. Because these songs are so valuable to me, I will cancel my premium subscription if this isn't changing soon. And go back to listening the CD's I own... I actually really like some features spotify has to offer, what a shame...


Take care mate

The songs are back for me now 🙂

Marked as solution

The missing tracks are back again for me as well.

Can anyone see the song “Things behind the sun”? That’s the only song from their discography that doesn’t show up for me anymore.

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