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The New Update and the Shuffle

The New Update and the Shuffle

This new update has been getting on my nerves a lot with what it has done to the shuffle button. You can search whatever you want in your saved songs, and all matching results will show up, as per usual. But for whatever reason, we can no longer shuffle from our search results. For example, let's say I searched "Halsey" into my saved songs. All of Halsey's songs are gonna show up and I can pick and choose whatever Halsey song I wanna listen to, but I don't have a particular song in mind so I hit the shuffle button. And now I'm listening to a song from a completly different artist because it randomly chooses a song from all of my saved songs. This obviously was not how it was before, so I really don't understand the need to change it for the worse. Wouldn't this require more processing power for something that's clearly less desirable? In conclusion, I really hope all the wonderful people at Spotify realize this error and the community backlash caused by it and change things back to how they were. 

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Is it on mobile or computer, becuase i do not have this problem on either. 


It's on mobile, and it seems i'm not the only one affected based on some other topics in the forums. 

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