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The playlist I never like

The playlist I never like

When I enter I like the accuracy of their statistics, but when I go to the playlist that generates the system, I'm disappointed not to find songs that I like, does it happen to someone else?

2 Replies

Hey xoberecords! 🙂

Spotify.Me only pulls in your most recent listening history and because of this isn't always accurate at tailoring playlist recommendations.
I am curious if you have already checked into Spotify's library related lists?
There's the 6 Daily Mix playlists based on a wide genre of your listening and the Discovery Weekly that will try to search a little broader for suggestions. Release Radar will always keep you up to date with artists you love + throw some similar ones in the mix.
Another great feature built into Spotify is the auto-play function. It will keep music going that is similar to what you are already listening to in a certain playlist. I often have many favorites show up this way as well as some interesting new finds.

And if you're really looking to branch out with stats and suggestions, I find Last.Fm to be an endless source of data and recommendations. I highly recommend it if you haven't already checked it out! 🙂

Have a good one!


Hello, thank you very much for your comment, in the daily mix, usually I like the international or Spanish rock playlist, except for Latin American rock, it always gives me the same mainstream bands, which are not rock and I hate; in the radar I stopped listening for the same.

I really like Last FM there so I always find new music similar to the one I enjoy.

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