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The problem with lo-fi playlists

The problem with lo-fi playlists


When I first tuned in Lo-Fi Beats a couple of years ago, there were some really groovy jams on that playlist that were really standing out - ”Abeja” by Mndsgn & Sofie, ”Smoker's Caravan" by Weedthief... to give just two examples.

But then when I returned to Spotify, these tracks had been replaced. Because you people don't store previous editions of the playlist, I could not track them down immediately, even sitting through the whole playlist to make sure I recognize the melodies.

It would have been cool if there was a playlist titled Lo-Fi Classics or Lo-Fi Origins or something like that, where you'd put these classic jams and other strong beats, and also perhaps some cuts from the actual originators of the sound, such as bsd.u who is not featured on any Spotify playlist... and here you might also include the forerunners within instrumental hip-hop, or even figures like Teebs who ended up on Lo-Fi Beats without entirely fitting up, but definitely deserved some more exposure...

Making such a playlist is not, I imagine, a big price to pay when considering how much money have you been making over Lo-Fi Beats and all the related playlists, which have been increasingly filled with increasingly interchangeable cuts from all these mostly faceless producers, a lot of them signed with a handful of labels which seem to submit new stuff all the time... and, of course, not to mention all the watered-down, high-polished new stuff from the big labels in the niche, running away from sampling and also from the little quirky moments that made the scene charming in past years.

So yeah, you should pay this kind of homage to the scene, cause it was formed by people who appreciate even this kind of music, even if it is now spearheaded by all these people who are in it just for the money.

These were my two cents,

peace out

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Hello I_Flo,

It is a good idea to store previous editions of the playlist but at the moment the playlist are often updated, most of them every week. You can see the day that the songs are being added to the playlist on the dekstop application. So i suggest you to save the songs you like in order to keep them easily findable for you.

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