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Tom Lehrer - That Was The Year That Was (1965) is missing

Tom Lehrer - That Was The Year That Was (1965) is missing

Tom Lehrer has a song named "Send The Marines" appearing on the album mentioned in the header. This album and song is not found on Spotify.  The album and song has strong political lyrics and are important even today.  The album on Spotify named "That Was the Year That Was - An Evening With Tom Lehrer" is a completely different album, with completely different songs.


I wonder: Is the original album from 1965 cencored because of the political content? 


For your reference, here is the songs of the original album:


Any chance of getting the original "That Was the Year That Was" album from 1965 on Spotify?

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How about this release?


It looks like the correct album, but it has no playable songs on my Spotify Premium account



I did a listening regions lookup, current available listening regions for that release:

<territories>CA US</territories>

Thanks. The limited distribution is a pity. There are some really great songs on that one that I'd love to share with others.

Do you americans actually reallise how many international ENEMIES you are making by restricting release liiek this? It is  the same with movies and even books. Just who the **bleep** do you think you are?

This album is without doubt the best ever made by Tom Lehrer and I asked for it to be listed about 5 years ago. If any Spotify person ever sees these blog comments may i humbly request that it now be chased up and made available around the world if that is indeed the issue referred to above. Originally I thought it was a simple mis-indexing due to the title "That was the Year that Was" having been used as a sub-title on another Lehrer album from 1959 entitled An Evening wasted with Tom Lehrer. Come on Spotify - is cannot take 5 years to fix a historical issue like this. You have 49 (YES! FORTY-NINE) Tom Lehrer ablums listed and some thirty have all the same songs. Yet the best work is missing. Can we plaese have a little ACTION on this issue? Pretty Please.

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