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Two Artists Combined by Accident?

Two Artists Combined by Accident?

So I've been wanting to explore with different music genres and started looking into the gospel group The Caravans. I was able to find them easily enough, but their overview has them sharing the same space as The Caravans, a rockibilly band. This skews the "fans also like" portion. If my guessing is right, that means other gospel groups are getting passed up due to the fact the rockibilly bands are probably more popular (or more active). Is there a way for Spotify employees to parse them differently so they come up separate in search results?

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If you email spotify, I'm sure they'll be happy to help

Hope this helps


I can definitely see this being an issue. 

Hopefully an email will work or an employer sees this.

I've had the issue with one of my bands. I believe the only way to get this straight is for the artists or distributors themselves - they have to request their Spotify artist profile to be divided into two separate profiles with the same name.

I have told my Artist to pay for the priemium account and contact their record label or Distributor to make sure their contents are up correctly.

I had a similar issue with the artist ‘Mom’ and how she shared space with a rock group, the most we can do is hope that Spotify employees see this post and fix it

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