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Two different profiles for one artist

Two different profiles for one artist


I have two different profiles that I would like to combine into one.  My name is slightly different in each.  What do I do?

Also, I am trying to figure out who the distribution company is for some of my songs- how do I find that out? Thanks!

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Hey, mabye i can help you with the distribution company


go to your song/album and check the bottom

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Have you contacted support about it?

I suggest contacting the support team over @Artists for Spotify. Also the duplicitious artist names are due to the different distrubution companies you might have used. If you go to song details, you should see the listed companies underneath. I hope this helps!

I had the same problem.
The only thing to do is to claim one of the artist profiles via Spotify For Artists.
You can then request to merge those two artist pages there by contacting Spotify staff. No matter who the distribution companies are.

In my case it ended with me e-mailing the Spotify staff the complete list of all our recordings that should be on our artist page (with the Spotify urls), also including collaborations (... from the "apears on" section).

hope this helps, good luck

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