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Unedited albums

Unedited albums

Several rap artists only have "clean versions", or edited albums on Spotify. Please add unedited versions of UGK's albums, Junior Mafia's albums, and Geto Boys. Really, it steals from the whole feeling that artists try to convey.
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The versions of releases are made available to the Spotify service by the labels themselves. If the labels upload a clean version or an edited version of a release to the Spotify service, this is the labels decision to do so. But sometimes when you view those albums in an album page view, there will be a bubble notice on the lower right hand side below the track listing of the release that reads the words of 1 MORE RELEASE with a down arrow inside the bubble. Just click this and you will be shown the different versions available to you currently, and click on those versions to go to those album page views of those releases.

Then Spotify should contact labels and ask for the proper versions. Whomever drafted the contracts could revise them and correct this now, and for the future. This surely isn't the best that Spotify can do. When I order an automobile, and pay for it, if the car is ALMOST what I wanted, the dealer doesn't tell me, "sorry sir, but that's what they gave us."... They go back and make it right. If you polled listeners and ask what they wanted, I'm sure you'd find my request quite common.

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