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Unhide song

Unhide song






iPad Pro 2022

Operating System

IOS 15.5

My Question or Issue

I hid some song a while back but now I want to listen to them again. I can’t seem to find a way to unhide them though. Con someone please help

2 Replies

Hi @RhysH,


I looked into this with my personal Spotify account and discovered that the "hide song" feature is only accessible from my mobile phone app (IOS 15.3.1). I am unable to find out where all of my "hidden songs" are stored and I find this to be a major problem and will report it to the moderators because I agree, if you accidentally hide a song or you change your mind, you should be able to find out which songs you have added to the list. Further, why on earth can't you unhide/hide a song with the desktop app??


If you DO know which songs you have hidden and want to unhide them, it seems the only way to do it is by navigating to the song with your mobile app and by pushing the "three dots" and clicking "hidden" (which is in red text) or by clicking the "red circle with minus sign" icon that's next to the song. I'll report back if I hear anything from the moderators. 

Hi @RhysH ,


I just wanted to follow up with what I found out about hiding songs.

Hi @Dian,


Actually, I am referring "hiding" individual songs from an artists album (though yes, it's also related to the "made for you" playlists). Strangely, Currently, you can only hide a specific song if you're browsing an album or viewing one of your 'Made For You' playlists such as "Discover Weekly" or "Release Radar".  I'm also finding that if you hide a song from an album, that it only hides it in the album (so if you browse to the artists page, the song is still visible in the "popular list" if its "hidden" in the album).

It also appears that this is a mobile app feature. 

I want to point out that there is a new idea floating around that is asking Spotify to provide us with a "Playlist" of the songs we've hidden so that we they are all in one place for when we might want to "unhide" them. That post can be found here, so vote for it if its something you agree with!

Thanks for reaching out, and get back to me if you need anything else.!

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