Unreleased album artist mismatch

Unreleased album artist mismatch


The album has 2 main artist.

On my end, I can see the album on upcoming tab on Spotify for Artist.

On the other artist end's, she cannot really see it.

When I checked the whole album, it went to an artist that almost matches her name.

Is there a fix for this? We cannot really submit a content mismatch since it is an upcoming album. The release is on the 18th of December.


I'll attach 3 images. 

First image is her Spotify for artist not displaying the album

The 2nd image is our released song canvas showing her right name. (Her name is Keigo.)

The 3rd image is one of our unreleased song showing the wrong artist(The name of the wrong artist is also Keigo but without period[.])

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Hey @PauloHerrera


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here!


We suggest you get in touch with our team at Spotify for Artists about this. They’ll be able to help you with managing the content submitted by the artist. 


You can reach out to them here.    


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions. 

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