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Updating Playlists when I want to

Updating Playlists when I want to

Hi, I've got the problem that playlists I've downloaded (top 50 charts, classic-songs and best of playlists by Spotify) are updated when I go online with mobile data (new songs added and the old ones no longer available). But because I'm on mobile and I don't want to use my data to refresh playlists, most of my playlists are now at only 10% downloaded.


For example: I've followed the "all out 10s" playlist and it didn't changed for 3 weeks. But yesterday morning, when I opened Spotify, it started to download 400 songs, just for updating playlists. The all out playlist had completely changed.

Then, after ten minutes it came back to around 90% of the old songs, at new 300 downloads. I didn't changed any option.

Today morning (I don't have WiFi anymore) the same thing happened and I can only listen to 10% of the remaining songs in official playlists.

Is this normal, and if yes, isn't there an option to only update playlists with WiFi?

Thank you for help.

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