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Version of song depends on device

Version of song depends on device

Some tracks on Kanye West's Life of Pablo, such as 'Fade' and 'Wolves', play as the correct and most up to date version on my iPhone. However on my Mac desktop app, the old version of 'Wolves' plays. 'Fade' does not even play correctly. It is 'Facts', so there are 2 of the same song if I listen to the album on my computer. I just want to get the most up to date verison of the album on my computer, but do not know how. I have not downloaded this album for offline streaming. Thank you for the help.

3 Replies

Hey, welcome to the Community!


Can you send us over the Spotify URI? Just right-click the track. Also, what country is your Spotify account set to?


Looking forward to hearing back from you. 

spotify:track:1CJnWD3xbUiP3gEJwuVSsO. what's happening?

I have the same issue, on my desktop app, i have an old version of Kanye album, and on my iphone app, i have the latest version... i have clear my cache on desktop but stille the old version... why ?

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