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WARNING TO ALL! Spotify removing long songs ...

WARNING TO ALL! Spotify removing long songs ...

Hi all.

I'm an old fan of classic rock, progrock and so on music. I have more than 250 playlists - very well composed playlists of such music. Last few months I discovered that Spotify trying to reduce its library: removing duplicate songs from their servers, deleting usual albums but leaving expanded etc. I think much users know it already.

But today I see very strange and very dangerous thing.

Many of my playlists lost tracks over 10 minutes long. You can check the next albums for example: Wishbone Ash by Wishbone Ash, Pilgrimage by Wishbone Ash, Get Ready by Rare Earth (original Get Ready song 21'32'' long - lost), Cosmo's Factory by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Blind Faith by Blind Faith and many more. All of them lost long compositions (longer than 10 minutes).

I don't know what to do now. I see no subtitution for the lost.
And of course I already start to duplicate my library on other streaming service.
Good luck.
P.S.: I have premium Spotify subscription for GB.

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i hope those songs get restored soon... and hope they won't remove dream theater and mike oldfield's songs


All the songs I've found removed belong to Universal or any of their sub-labels. It also happened some years ago, according to another thread and it was restored...


I hope they bring the tracks back again, as they did before.

Of course I understand that rightholders sometimes withdraw licenses for publishing songs. But this time we have something new.
You can see that there was "greyed" only LONG songs (longer than 10 minutes) from many major albums. Not albums at whole but only certain compositions.

I think it's either Spotify's staff error caused by "optimization" of their servers or may be it's something special ... I even don't know reason for that.

Yes, in the case described in the thread I've linked before, the problem was the same: only 10+ minutes long were greyed. The rest of songs were available.

I hope that they will return them back to Spotify.

It seems that the songs are back in Spotify. The song that made me notice this issue was Beauty Of The Beast by Nightwish, featured in their album Century Child and released by Spinefarm Records, currently under Universal. Now it can be played again.





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I am having the same issue. I download long operas with not the best fidelity to limit many tracks. They have started removing them. As they are very old there are not copyright or artist issues involved. What to do?

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