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WE the Culture ads are SOOOOO BAD

WE the Culture ads are SOOOOO BAD

Spotify people: I've been re-listening to Stay Free, and these "We the Culture" ads are dropping in mid-sentence in the podcast. And WOW are they bad - they have this super-smarmy syrupy voice talent that sounds like those cringe-worthy ads that play at the gas pump that you CAN'T get away from when you're filling up. Dreadful. The worst I've ever heard: I'm literally diving across the room for the skip-forward button.  And the irony is these horrendously bad, cheesy, TEDIOUS ads are hard-cutting against Chuck D's voice, and interrupting him, to promote We the Culture, which is a celebration of Black culture?? It sounds like some super-square PTA mom from the 1950's TV barging in to interrupt a Black artist who was THE vanguard of political speech in hip hop, who turned Hip Hop into "the Black CNN", and who forever changed the way this country viewed empowered Black voices.  This is seriously an embarrassment. For all I know, We The Culture is a great and worthy enterprise, but the ads are SOOOO bad I won't go anywhere near it. Please remove or re-record or hire new voice-over talent or SOMETHING.

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You should bring this up to Brandon Tatum. He's on YouTube. He made a video about the terrible video that D.M.C. (of Run-D.M.C.) was a part of that was promoting the vaccine to black people.

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