WHY do you keep removing songs???


WHY do you keep removing songs???

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Why is it that Spotify can't leave stuff alone??? YES, add music, but STOP taking down music!! ESPECIALLY after its on a playlist! 


Stop letting artists and outhouse lawyers tell you what to do, grow a pair and LEAVE THE MUSIC *UP* ONCE IT'S UP!! 


I am NOT going to pay for something if I cannot count on it being there from (literally) one day to the next!!

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Good lord you're mentally behind. If they don't have the rights it means that if they'd keep them up, you couldn't pay for spotify since it would close down at some point because they'd get sued to the ground. If you'd read the terms and conditions that you casually agree to (and if you'd use common sense) it would be absolutely plain to you that this can happen. I don't like that I'm suddenly unable to listen to Streetlight Manifesto anymore, but oh well, it happens.


Robert Scruggs  5/5/17

Why when I deleted Don Rich and the play list from Spotify the playlist is the only thing that deleted. The albums and the songs stayed in Spotify's main screen but the Don Rich name on the list of Artist also deleted, Please explain, and in addition I tried deleting the songs individually with no success, although I have deleted individual songs from the play list on numerous occasions!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yo is there a way to get keep flexin from rich the kid back and jay Z legendary album is gone too after YEARS like **bleep**


It seems to me that it's not the lawyers making the decisions, it's the artist. The lawyer would be in trouble if he/she did something without the client's prior authorization. I know that we all feel that once it's there it should be there forever. The only way to fight back is to vote with the wallet. I just found my missing song on apple music. Maybe Jay-Z wanted to support Apple and not Spotify. Maybe Apple cut him a better deal and it's Spotify that needs to pay more to get the song back - Who knows. Yes, it's annoying to switch platforms but hoping that a music label or an artist will change because of stuff we write here is probably not the best use of our time.

I only want the "meg and dia- monster (dotexe remix)" to come back like why would you remove that im hurt


I support what this person is saying, FELA is A LEGEND, you should not relegate his songs on spotify to the pathetic versions performed by other artists who do not capture the essence and creativity in the meaning of Fela's Songs.


Total disgrace

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i woke up this orning to discover all my music is down probs for strewaming abuse today is the last day i ever use spotify


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It's only songs from one artist that have all dissapeared the artist are called "why don't we" why have you removed their songs when they have so many fans.

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Hi, most of my music is on compilation albums and my publisher Audiosparx has advised me that once one of their distribution partners has agreed with one of their label to release my songs - there's no going back and they're not permitted to takedown the music anytime after it's been released unless the label has a copyright/ publishing rights issue and in any case they would be aware. Or is that not the case? If you have any links to documentation that would help explain the pitfalls on track takedowns I would really eppeciate it. 🙂 Many thanks.

Where is this setting??

Do you know when hot chip's coming on strong album will come back on Spotify? Specifically the beach party & playboy? Two fav songs on my starred, now disappeared, I see the whole album is gone

I am leaving spotify. Politics and music don't mix. I want music to just be music. Seems spotify wants to include them wit their music! See ya!


Please, take Infant Annihilator back!!!!! All theyr songs disappeard! Sorry if my english it isnt good, i dont speak it fluently


For real, I recently found an awesome song, added it to a couple playlists, and now I'll never hear it again cuz I don't remember a darn thing about it. Thanks, Spotify, for that. 

As for the artist, if I find your song again I'm gonna steal it cuz f**k you.


As a metal fan this is extremely infuriating since a lot of these bands are not on major labels. A lot of underground bands are having almost their whole discographies removed and why? These bands are usually on one label the whole time or on their own, so why are you removing albums where it's obvious there is no label change? No reissues or remasters? This is so infuriating, since I came to Spotify because I was tired of storing all my music and backing everything up, but I'm so tired of this!

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Does spotify notify users when a song that was in their playlist / library is removed?

I'd be cool with that. The legalities involved aren't easy to navigate, but I want some place that shows me the list of songs I liked/added but can't access through spotify anymore. 


It’s so upsetting I listen to Guns N’ Roses but now some of their songs aren’t available even though their on my playlist:(  How long will it be till I can listen to the songstress again??

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Hey @Ajeezy


Where are you located?


The availability of music on Spotify is up to the artists and their music label.


If the music is gone, the artist or their music label has likely decided to remove it from Spotify. 


Sometimes the music is only available in certain countries, while access is blocked to others.


Sometimes the album or song will be unavailable temporary, and come back again later. Hopefully it will come back later.


Contacting the artist is a good way to let them know you miss their music in Spotify.

More info here. 🙂

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So "Despicable" Lyrics Freestyle by Eminem/ Dirty money music group or freestyle Friday or whatever is gone from Spotify now and I don't care if it's Eminem himself that is the reason for that but I'm looking for other ways of streaming music now. How many times I'm I supposed to find my playlist songs unavailable while spending hard earned money?