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Warner music india


Warner music india

Is there an update on Warner music case in India? When will all the songs be available in India? Most of the songs I listen to, have been unavailable since a long time and I'm still waiting for them to be available. 

An update on this issue would be nice. 

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It cost 120 bucks a month 

You mean 120 rupees?

Yeah man, it's 120 rupees a month 

for the yearly prepaid plan it costs around 1159 rupees

It's Done! All of the music are coming as Warner Signs Deal with Spotify...rejoice, they should come into the app in few days or hours

No bro. You've mistaken. The signed a contract with only Warner Chappell ( Subsidiary of Warner Music Group) and not with WMG. Warner Chappell doesn't includes artists like Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, Linkin Park, etc. It only includes two major artists : Katy Perry and Kendrick Lamar. 

Again, They're fooling us!!!!!


Oh-k people! According to press reports Spotify seems to have reached some licensing agreement with Warner Chappell which includes India. Here's hoping I see my favourite bands/tracks from Warner Bros catalog online.


Spotify, Warner Chappell Music Deal Supports Global Growth In Streaming 

You're mistaken my friend, as a proof go look over to Led Zeppelin's
Spotify Page, it's written they're working hard to get more music to this
region, meaning they're in the process of adding every artist's song who's
under Warner Music Group as it wasn't there till yesterday before the

Keeping my fingers crossed. Will check the catalogue after it refreshes

The phrase, " We're working hard...." is there from atleast  past 2 months. I've been checking Linkin Park's artist's page almost every week. 

Who knows how hard they're working. LoL

Hahahaha, i just found an article listing that only Warner Chappell
Artist's music will be available, sorry about the misinformation from my
side and let's just hope we'll get ALL THE MUSIC.... considering Warner
Chappell came to an agreement, their parent company will aswell.

I really hope that.

It's almost a year and still they're not available. My annual subscription is valid till March 01. I'll wait till that only else I will be switching to Apple Music. 



Are you serious? Because as far as I know Warner chapell is a music publishing division of Warner music group, so I think that they deal with the publishing part of the artists signed by WMG and that's why Spotify signed a deal with chapell. 

Warner signed a global deal with Spotify which resolved the issue....I think it will be available in one or two days

  • Bro thats Warner Chappell not Warner music, just a subsidiary with few artist

But with major ones like led Zeppelin

Issues with Warner’s still going after 11 months. The other two major labels accepted Spotify deal what’s with Warner’s? They say that care and want a better for their artists but all the artists under the Warner’s label are losing money in India not having music available on Spotify. Apparently back in 2009 Warner’s put down all their artists music videos because they weren’t happy with deal Google was offering. I am so glad Green Day is leaving Warner’s.

yup there should be some official words 😞

Both parties have come to an agreement! Those content are yet to be available at the time of writing , hope to get them all soon!

No change in the catalog. Obviously this 'deal' with Warner Chappell hasn't brought me the music that I love. Unfortunately my account is prepaid till Q1 2021.


But I had also signed up for a separate Spotify account for the family, I will probably cancel that and opt for a family subscription with Google Play Music/YT Premium or even Apple Music Family. To **bleep** with Spotify. They don't deserve more money from me until this mess is sorted out.

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