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What genre is this?

Our latest single 'Two Times' came out today, we always struggle to find the appropriate label for our music and how to describe it to friends, any suggestions?

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Hey Arlington


I had a listen to a few of your songs and you have some really nice tunes. I can see where you are coming from in labelling what genre of music your songs can situate in.


My suggestions are to:


1 - Have a look in the tab "fans also like" on your Spotify page and check out the bands such as Tusks, Arctic lake, Keep Shelley in Athens. They have similarities to yourself. See how they are describing themselves and if you agree. 


2 - Ask your fans on your social channels how they would describe it. I would also check out UK based Twitter hashtag #ukmusichour I think it is. Post using that hashtag and see what people think.


3 - It looks from your Facebook page that you have had some reviews from websites. See if you agree with how they are labelling you.


4 - I would also think about how you all want to be labelled. What adjectives no matter how weird it sounds would you use to describe yourselves.


5 - I would probably classify you as quite atmospheric, ambient, with an electronic feel. There are fusions of Arcade Fire, James Blake, Imogen Heap in there. But that is just my opinion. 


6 - If you are pushing to get on Spotify playlists, I would look at ambient, chillout, sunday vibe style playlists.


P.S. - I would also suggest adding more of a description on your Spotify channel of your band, style of music and who influence you to give people viewing your page a bit more insight into the type of music you play.


Hope that helps.



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