What ist the differnce between Deluxe and Standard versions

What ist the differnce between Deluxe and Standard versions

What is the difference between an album marked as (Deluxe) and a standard version not marked as such?

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The Deluxe versions have usually more songs and the instrumentals on it. And the 'normal' ones got only the essential tracks on the album.

You can also take a look at this Wikipedia article. ^^



Thank you. I've got confused after I've seen Albums with no difference at first glance (same titles).

Why can’t I play deluxe edition albums/songs even having a premium account?


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It's a good idea to try playing the album on another device to see if that makes a difference. Are there any changes?


Keep us posted.

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Typically, if there is more than one version of an album on Spotify it is explicit vs edited or more often one version is like an extended (or deluxe in this instance) that provides additional songs, instrumentals, and sometimes even live recorded versions of certain songs. 

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