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What song do we want that spotify doesnt have

What song do we want that spotify doesnt have

There are a lot of songs that I wish Spotify had. Like this one song call "Ready Aim Fire' by Imagine Dragons. Please Spotify, add songs like these to your list. Pandora even has this song.
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Hey @ArcherXsriker!


The availability of songs and albums boil down to artists and their record labels who decide whether to allow this song or that album to be streamed on Spotify, Deezer or whatever, and in which countries they'll be available (regional restrictions). Services like Spotify and others can't really bypass artists' orders, for artists are supposed to have control over their music.


On another note, I'd love music by the Sea Nymphs and Cardiacs (NOT Cardigans, I alsways misread...). They are quite enigmatic and hard to reach...


Asking the label/artist about their music on Spotify might prove useful. Personally I haven't used that option yet (although I should - for other fans - ask why 4 Ton Mantis is no longer available for streaming). General shyness is always in the way...

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