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Where is December, 1963???

Where is December, 1963???

Hello all,


I love Spotify more than anything in this world. But just today, I discovered that, for the first time in my 4 years of use, Spotify has let me down. I don't know when it happened, I don't know how it happened, but Spotify took down the DELIGHTFUL BANGER DECEMBER, 1963 (OH WHAT A NIGHT) and I am more than mad about it. I am hurt, crushed, disappointed, infuriated and POSITIVELY FUMING. This is hands down one of my favorite songs of all time and it reminds me of so many good moments in my life! How am I ever supposed to remember those good moments again if I can't have this song on every single playlist that I create? BRING IT BACK SPOTIFY! PLEASE! I BEG YOU!



Anya--a concerned community member

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It is because the Four Seasons is one of the groups in a lawsuit against Spotify

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