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Who can add to collaborative playlists?

Who can add to collaborative playlists?

Who can add songs to a collaborative playlist? Somebody keeps adding songs to a collaborative playlist of mine. The person adding the songs is not a friend via Spotify.


It almost seems like spam, but on mobile and in the browser I can't find the report option.

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That is a really good question.  I hope they answer.

anyone who can find the playlist, can edit it. the owner of the playlist controls whether it is private or not. if it's private, it's only visible to people who already follow it, or who have the link.

so, it's not really private, in that anyone who can get the link can see it without having to be invited or whatever, but it's supposed to be kinda secret, since it would seem impossible to have the link unless someone sends it to you.

however, there seem to be some spambots that are somehow adding songs to private playlists, they must be using some exploit to get the link.

it's extremely frustrating, and it's annoying that we can't report spam, it seems impossible to make spotify aware of this issue.

Hey folks,


Thank you for your patience and sorry for the long wait. 


Since the last update of the Spotify app, now just some selected collaborators may edit the tracks in a collaborative playlists. You can check how to add/remove collaborators from your playlists and the whole information in this article.


Keep in mind that you can still share the playlist with anyone you want using the option Share on the Three-dot menu of the playlist, but they wouldn’t be able to make changes to the playlists. 


Hope this helps. If you have any additional questions, the Community will be here for you. 

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