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Why I won't get premium

Why I won't get premium

Because I can't listen to Patience - damian marley even though it's on Spotify but not available for me.

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Hey @yaaaay


That's the kind of question you should ask from the artist / label, because they are the ones deciding whether and what songs should be available on Spotify (and other platforms). ๐Ÿ™‚


Licensing changes, copyright changing hands, artists' decisions, all these contribute on whether or not the song is available for streaming.

However, contacting the artist may have good results, because sometimes all they need is a nudge from a Spotify user wanting to listen to their music!


Hopefully it helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

Spotify's license isn't extended to you for any number of reasons: i.e. geographic location.

How to contact the artist ?



Damian Marley seems to have Twitter and Facebook official pages. FB one is here. I guess pinging those could work (sending them a message or a comment). ๐Ÿ™‚


Hope that helps!

He's not an artists that's in some 3rd world contry or somethiing, his music exists on many U.S. services. It's probably expired cause it wasn't renewed. OR you know artists are always bitching about their pay... It could be a hundred reasons why it's not available.

As a simpe humble consumer I don't and shouldn't care about the reasons, I care about the result. I want a song on Spotify and can't listen to it in my country of residence.

You should care, because if you don't understand why something is happening, and complain about it, change will never happen. That's a fact. This is something that is not Spotify's fault, and for you to hold them accountable is not logical. Spotify has always worked hard to offer free legal music since the begining. If the music isn't available, it's because there are reasons outside of Spotify's control.

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