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Why can't I find lostprophets on Spotify?

Why can't I find lostprophets on Spotify?

I have read plenty about what Ian Watkins did and I do not support his actions in any way. He deserves the jail time he has received, but why was their music blacklisted or taken down or whatever you call it? I only have access to one album and to say that I was disappointed is a major understatement. I have other means of finding their tracks but now I can't listen to Rooftops (A liberation broadcast) or Last Train Home on long trips when I have no service... Not happy.

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I'm not a Moderator or anything but maybe I can help.
Some Songs or albums from artists are not on Spotify because the Artist / Label didn't upload them to Spotify, Spotify decided against it or Spotify couldn't get the Licence for the Song / Album because of the Artist / Label.

Hope I could help you 😄

Agree with you. One more aspect that I add, why condemn the work of the rest of the band? They could continue monetizing the content, it's their job, they live from it.

They just removed the albums after the sentence but why the **bleep** they left the last album??? Or let all the stuff there or just take it all

The entire Visible Noise catalogue wasn't licensed for use in the United States or Australia, so it's only available to users in the UK or Japan sadly, given that Watkins is a horrible human being, I doubt anybody is going to make it a priority given that Visible Noise aren't on the best ground financially.

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