Why can't I make an Artist page?

Why can't I make an Artist page?


I have one simple request which is to make an artist page. I do not want to be a user, just make an artist page. The registration walk through will not allow me to "Get Access" or verify an artist page because it will only allow you to find pre existing artist. I have a user account already. Do I need to remake an entire account with new email to be able to upload as an artist? Whatever the process this seems like too straight forward of a question to not have an answer anywhere on the site.

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Hey @dxtr_spits,


To make sure everything on Spotify is properly licensed, Spotify requires all music to be delivered by labels and distributors. Spotify has deals with most labels and distributors, so if you’re signed to one just ask them to put your music on Spotify.


If you’re not signed to a label or distributor, Spotify has deals in place with companies who can deliver your music to us and collect royalties for you. These are called aggregators.


I suggest using one of these aggregators:

These services handle the licensing and distribution of your music and also pay you royalties when your fans stream your music on Spotify. There’s usually a small fee or percentage cut involved. Each service is unique, so be sure to do some homework before picking one.

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