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Why does the Joe Rogan Experience come up under every search?

Why does the Joe Rogan Experience come up under every search?

My partner and I have both been experiencing this issue on separate devices. When we go to search a song, the second suggestion is almost always the Joe Rogan Experience, no matter what we are actually searching for… hardcore, country, pop, indie, etc. I find this quite disturbing as neither of us have ever and will never listen to that show as it spreads dangerous misinformation. I tried to look for a way to block podcasts but don’t think it is possible. Support told me to delete and reinstall the app, but that doesn’t seem like a solution. I have this feeling that Spotify is trying to recoup costs for paying so much to host the show on their platform, and if so that is gross.
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Oh my god I thought I was going crazy, this happens to me too!

I am not, have not, nor will ever listen to his garbage podcast and ideals. 

Spotify needs to change this or I’m for sure leaving it. I’ve been teetering for a while, but this has made me accidentally click it a couple times as it throws itself into the search as you’re typing and sometimes you see the partial search start populating what you were looking for and you move your thumb to go click it and the app moves rogans BS right to the spot where what I was search for was, making my click the podcast. 

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